Student Encampment

University of Cambridge students have joined the international movement of student encampments in solidarity with Palestinians under occupation, apartheid and genocide. You can head down to King’s Parade to see what’s going on and find out how you can help, and also follow the camp on Twitter and Instagram.

If you live in Cambridge or the surrounds, you can sign an open letter in support of the encampment here.

Donations of home cooked food are welcome but should be co-ordinated with the group to avoid waste.

Do not to talk to the press – there‚Äôs a media team who will handle the press. Hostile media could affect the students in the camp, so very important NOT to engage with journalists. Wear a face covering, if you prefer. Also, do not to engage with members of the public who may get irate at the sight of pro-Palestine actions. There are stewards on the site in yellow hi-vis vests. Please allow them to de-escalate any difficult encounters, rather than try and launch into a debate with hostile members of the public.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Such unified action allows for safe and effective pro-Palestine protests.