mbridge Palestine Forum represents a loosely affiliated network of Palestine-related groups in Cambridge (UK), with the shared aim of promoting peace and justice for Palestinians and a political solution for those living in Palestine-Israel, in support of international law and human rights & against all racism.

Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

Cambridge PSC was formed in 1990 as an affiliated branch of the national PSC. The group runs and promotes events in and around the city of Cambridge and organises support for national campaigns and rallies. They also run a weekly market stall. PSC was established to campaign for Palestinian rights, including the right to self-determination and the right of return, and to oppose Israel’s occupation and violations of international law. PSC is opposed to all forms of racism, including anti-Jewish prejudice and Islamophobia.
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We ask members of Campalforum email list and/or Facebook group to read and respect these guidelines.


Cambridge Palestine Forum represents a loosely affiliated network of Palestine solidarity-related groups and individuals in the Cambridge (UK) area, with the shared aims of promoting peace and justice for Palestinians and a political solution for those living in Palestine-Israel, in support of international law and human rights & against all racism.

We believe that these aims will be achieved through:

1. The ending of Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall
2. Recognition of the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

The email list, Facebook group and Twitter account were established by Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign (CPSC) and, as such, we follow Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) Communications Guidelines March 2017, on which this document is based.

The purpose of these instruments is to share information, actions and events relevant to the shared aims stated above.

Campalforum has designated people who act as administrators for our website/Facebook/ twitter, and regularly check postings/comments.

Postings must not contravene the shared aims stated above or the guidelines listed below. Be aware that not adhering to our aims and guidelines may lead to your removal from our list.

Conduct of Communications: Guidelines

  • Avoid abusive or discriminatory language, or behaviour or harassing others on the grounds of age, sex, gender, race, colour, disability, sexual orientation , gender identity and religion or belief, or any other personal characteristic. Do not make racist assertions, such as suggesting someone’s views can be assumed on the basis of their religious or ethnic background.

  • Do not use the list to post items not clearly related to our aims

  • Campalforum is not a discussion list. If you you wish to discuss an item, please reply to the individual poster, not to the entire list.

  • Conspiracy theories: Allegations about actions by the Israeli state that have not been substantiated by credible sources are not appropriate content for postings on our list. This kind of post is a distraction from the real issue of Palestinian human rights abuses.

  • Inappropriate comparisons: Our values of anti-racism and respect for others mean that we choose not to make statements liable to be grossly offensive, such as comparisons with WW2, or comparative allusions to the Holocaust that in any way denigrate or belittle the suffering of its victims.

  • Statements about Zionism. Zionism is a political ideology that seeks to create a Jewish state that privileges Jewish Israelis above Palestinians, and that seeks to establish a permanent Jewish majority. It is not acceptable to use the terms Zionism or Zionist as synonyms for Judaism or Jewish. Many people find the term ‘Zio’ offensive, please avoid the use of this abbreviation.

  • Hostile scrutiny: Always assume everything published will be scrutinized by people with markedly different views on Palestine. This includes comments made by third parties.

  • Third party articles / video: When posting external content reference should be made to the source of the information, preferably by a hyperlink. Make sure third party articles and videos come from reputable sources.

Advice for individuals on the use of social media

  • Do be aware that your personal FB page is likely to be monitored: There are multiple incidences of members’ FB / Twitter pages being monitored and then later cited as evidence of suspect activity within the PSC.

  • Before you post, think – is this something that I would want to see my name attached to in mainstream media?
    Is this something that could potentially cause difficulties for the Palestinian a cause as whole?

  • Inappropriate content: As previously detailed, inappropriate content includes conspiracy theories, fake news content, unchecked content from 3rd party sources, inappropriate comparisons that needlessly cause offence, abusive language etc. Stick to the facts – these are all you need to make the case for Palestine.

  • Tagging members in photos

When we run events, there is a natural inclination to upload the pictures to Facebook /Twitter, and tag the members in them. Unfortunately, this has been seen to be a security risk. Persons hostile to our movement have previously systematically checked every image for information such as ‘tagged’ persons or names in the titles and descriptions. They have then used this information to try and derail the Palestine Solidarity campaigns.

The rule of thumb is not to tag individuals in posts. When you do post pictures, try to use photos where individuals’ faces are not clear.