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2010 November 12 : Cambridge Palestine Forum

Play: Four for Jericho

October 27, 2010 · Posted in Event · 25 Comments 
November 12, 2010
7:30 pmto9:30 pm
November 13, 2010
2:30 pmto4:30 pm
7:30 pmto9:30 pm

Anglia Ruskin Drama Studio (formerly Cambridge Drama Centre)
Covent Garden Cambridge

by Richard Fredman directed by Patrick Morris

Diving into the red-hot passions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, hapless tourist Michael sets out to film the Holy Land for his Sunday school. Befriending a proverb-spouting farmer, a gun-toting settler and a superheo avtivist, he tumbles headlong through the topsy-turvey world of modern Israel and occupied Palestine. With high-decibel history lessons, biblical visions and the most dangerous car chase ever, this riotous comedy laughs in the face of the absurdities and tragedies of today’s Promised Land.